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Opening the Doors to Keyboard Freedom

Learn the exact steps to play piano, organ and keyboards faster and better

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‘’ I feel overwhelmed and I never know what I need to practice’’

I hear this all the time from frustrated piano players. 

They feel confused and frustrated every time they sit down at the piano. And instead of using their precious time to progress, they spend hours searching on the internet to figure out what they need to practice next.

You’ve probably already tried different teachings or web apps but none of them seemed to make sense for you.
And at the end of the day you still feel unmotivated and stuck…

Trying to learn how to play piano on your own can be very difficult and frustrating… It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options out there.

The problem is guess learning

Guessing what level you’re at…
Guessing what technique to learn next… 
Guessing what you need to learn to get better…

Guessing what you should learn next is the best way to get lost!

And usually, if you don’t see the bigger picture, you will miss out on very important details for your progress. 

If you want to get better faster at the piano you cannot depend on random YouTube videos and books.  

You need to see the bigger picture.

The problem is guess learning

Guessing what level you’re at…
Guessing what technique to learn next… 
Guessing what you need to learn to get better…

Guessing what you should learn next is the best way to get lost!

And usually, if you don’t see the bigger picture, you will miss out on very important details for your progress. 

If you want to get better faster at the piano you cannot depend on random Youtube videos and books.  

You need to see the bigger picture.

This is why you feel stuck, frustrated and never know what do to next ...

I get it. I’ve been there!  

I’ve spent years looking for the right learning path to play the songs I love.

So here’s the thing… After all these years of research, I’ve learned that the best way to learn the piano is to follow a proven step-by-step path that teaches you every single step you need to take in the RIGHT order.

This way you don’t have to figure out what you need to learn next on your own and risk missing out some very important details to your progress.

Hey there ... I'm Marine

As strange as it sounds, I’m a former classical trained pianist that always loved pop, blues and rock music. 

15 years ago, going from classical training to pop piano seemed impossible. There were no options to learn online and all the teachers I met were giving me random pieces of information.

So I had to figure out a way to improve gradually on my own and I finally came up with my own piano success path. 
This learning process led me to amazing opportunities like playing for wonderful artists such as Corey Hart and Uncle Kracker.

Today after years of privately teaching my own method to hundreds of students, I finally launched the Online Rock Lessons piano academy to be able to help more students around the world. Not everyone has access to piano lessons and my mission was to offer accessible pop rock piano courses to all the piano lovers out there.

That’s why I came up with my proven piano path to help you have fun learning piano & keyboards from scratch, at your own pace and on a budget. 



Get full access to the Online Rock Lessons academy for a maximum of progress and support through your learning process.


Whether you already know how to play piano or you're just starting out on the keyboards, you will always know exactly what to work on with our course library.

What You'll Learn

How to play pop, rock and blues grooves that you can apply to real songs.

Finally have fun learning how to play pop/rock/blues grooves at the keyboards and learn how you can apply it to real songs. 

How to play beautiful piano arrangements with chords and melody.

There’s nothing more exciting and satisfying at the piano than creating beautiful piano arrangements of your favorite songs to share with your friends and family. 

How to speed your keyboard learning to play what you really want in no time.

Learn the real secrets to always progress and get better results at your own pace. 



The Piano Method

Your A to Z roadmap to playing beautiful piano with confidence.
The piano method was specifically designed for aspiring piano players who are looking for a step-by-step proven piano method to have fun learning how to play piano faster and better.


21 Lessons

In this level, we’re gonna talk about all the basics such as, the right posture, the notes on the piano and on the staff, how to read a music sheet, understanding the rhythm of a song, the scales and so much more.


21 Lessons

In this level, we’re gonna talk about triad chord symbols, how to make your chords sound like a pro, I’ll teach you amazing pop rock and blues grooves and how to play with a chord sheet.


21 Lessons

In this advanced level, you’ll learn how to play 4 notes chords such as the maj7, dom7, add9, diminished and more. We’re also gonna dive in the lead sheet, how to read it, understand it and play beautiful piano arrangements. 



Get access to our masterclass library with hundreds of pre-recorded videos so you can easily keep track of your progress and never lose any lessons even if you go on vacation.


Songs Tutorials

Have fun learning the songs you love with our song tutorials library. Get access to song video breakdowns with tempo variations, grooves and comping, solo transcriptions and music sheets so you can take your time and learn at your own pace. It includes tutorials for piano, Hammond Organ and keyboards!

Play Video


Learn How to Play In a Band

Play with the Online Rock Lessons Band!
The Rockstar Journey is a step-by-step masterclass that walks you through the playing of the greatest pop, rock, and blues pianists of all time.

You’ll get access to 35 amazing backing tracks made by real musicians to learn how to play in the style of songs such as Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Penny Lane (The Beatles), Don’t Stop Believing (Journey) and so much more.

You’ll know exactly what to practice with these 7 level courses starting from complete beginner to rockstar player.


LiveStream Events

Get access to our monthly live events to ask your questions, get personal feedback and meet our teachers. 
Always stay connected with professional teachers to double your progress. 


LiveStream Events

Get access to our monthly live events to ask your questions, get personal feedbacks and meet our teachers. 


Community and Support

The Online Rock Lessons academy is more than a school, you get to have access to our live events and community so you never feel alone and stuck for months on your musical journey.


On-Demand Video Learning

Learn the piano at your own pace with hundreds of lessons, exercises and learning paths pre-recorded just for you.   

Support From Real Teachers

Never stay stuck with the support of our professional teachers available during the monthly live streams, forum or in the private Facebook group.

Workbooks & Sheet Music

Get access to transcriptions, chords cheat sheet and workbook to make your practice even easier.

‘’I enrolled in her online lessons and couldn't be more stoked. Her site has everything I need as a long time guitar player wanting to learn keyboards. Can't recommend it highly enough, finally found a method I can stick with and enjoy.’’
Jesse B.

The Online Rock Lessons Piano Academy

Is perfect for you if ...

You're overwhelmed and don't know where to start

If you're sick of feeling stuck and you want someone to walk you through every step, to teach you the right concepts to focus on and the mindset you need to adopt in order to have fun learning piano you're at the right place.

You are an aspiring piano lover dreaming of playing the songs you love

You're on this journey to play beautiful music and the songs that you love. This is why we all want to learn music.

You have been trying to learn for a while but always struggling learning piano by yourself

You're not alone. Learning piano on your own can be hard and frustrating.

You are an intermediate piano player who keeps wondering what the next step should be

The more you learn about something the less you feel like you know it. Don't get discouraged by all the knowledge out there, there's a proven path right here for you.

You're sick of playing the same old songs over and over

Practicing the same one song for months is not the ONLY way to learn the piano.

You play guitar and you want to start playing piano and keys

This piano method is perfect for any musicians or singers that want to learn more about playing piano and accompaniment themselves.

Is NOT perfect for you if ...

You're looking for a quick course shortcut

There's no such thing as learning piano overnight. Developing the skill to play an instrument takes passion and time.

You just want to learn songs by ear

Ear training is one of the aspects of a great pianist. But if you want to progress you must learn some of the basics and vocabulary.

You want to learn classical piano

The Piano Method was created for piano players who are looking for more than notes on a sheet music.
Who want to learn the chord symbols language and play freely at the piano.

You want to play guitar

Yeah... wrong course 😅

So… what makes this different from private lessons?

A traditional one-on-one private lesson with a piano teacher costs around $60 an hour, every week… that’s $240 a month. Within a year you end up spending around $2,880.

Your membership at Online Rock Lessons will get you a lot more value at a fraction of the cost! 
Our plan starts at just $28 CAN a month!

Why?  Well, it’s very simple.
I want to make piano lessons accessible to every piano lover around the world. 

Step-by-step courses

Progress tracking

Live lessons and Q&A

Personal reviews & feedback

Songs breakdown

Backing tracks

Workbooks and sheet music

Learn at home, at your pace

Loop and slowdown lessons

Amazing commnunity

100% money back guarantee

Online Rock Lessons


Billed annualy

Unlimited learning

Traditional Lessons


Around $60 per 60 min

This Offer Ends In:


‘’I found the course of Jon Lord very well organised. Attention to details. The course brings up the key essentials of Deep Purple sound and the classical technique used by John and this part is really well enhanced. The course feels complete and helps with an understanding of rock music and the usage or Organ B3 style.’’
Davide V.
'' Marine’s lessons are awesome. I purchased her lessons on Hold The Line and Smoke On The Water. Her technique is great and have learned so much. I definitely will be purchasing more lessons from her. Thanks Marine! ''
Russ T.
''Wow! I love your new site. Exceptional quality of lessons. Very friendly, lots of explanations and easy to use. This is exactly what I needed to progress.''
Nataly G.
‘’Just starting the Hammond course and it’s already having a great effect on my play. Getting ready for my new band’s first gig this weekend and I had all my organ drawbar settings programmed in for each song. After spending a couple hours on the first drawbar lessons and trying different settings out, now I’m suddenly starting to use those as well; one song instead of switching leslie speed for some build ups now I’m just adding the last 2 drawbars (to the first 4) for that part and leaving the Leslie slow and it sounds fantastic! Thanks for this great course Marine Lacoste! I so want to rush through it but I’m going to go slow and get the most out of it - can’t wait!’’
Tony L.
‘’Marine clearly put a lot of time and effort into designing Online Rock Lessons. I'm a new member but already have benefitted greatly from the instruction and attention to detail. The interactive experience has been intuitive, making learning and practicing more enjoyable. One of the challenges I struggle with is maintaining accurate timing, especially when playing complex rhythms and faster tempos. Marine does an excellent job of focusing on the details, demonstrating with helpful camera angles and effective fingering suggestions. I also appreciate Marine's ongoing encouragement and reassurance that it's ok to take your time to gain proficiency with challenging lessons. I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I'm in the right place to learn how to play well in the long run. Thanks, Marine! Best, Jim Brown’’
Jesse B.
‘’Her online course is incredible, one of the most well organized and comprehensive piano sites I've come across. Great material and very reasonably priced.’’
Jesse B.
‘’I just wanted to say, what a fantastic course. You are really an amazing player as well as teacher and your tutorials are clear and easy to follow, so professional. I reckon I have tried every online organ course, trying to find something that I can follow, most of them I have spent so much time trying to work out what was played. Unlike yours which is brilliant. Anyway, I just wanted to say a big Thank you.’’
Allyson S.
‘’Just letting you know that your site is absolutely awesome. I just joined a few days ago, I am a subscriber to some really good Jazz online sites, but wanted to explore rock Piano. The play along tracks are very well made and fun, your instruction clear and paced properly. Please the keep Blues Rock pieces coming too! Congrats on a job well done.’’
Ron M.
‘’As a longtime keyboard player I have let a number of areas of my playing skills slip. The lessons are well organized so I can target my areas of concern easily. Marine is very clear in what she has to say and I am finding the sessions are truly motivating me to put in the hard yards. Thanks Marine.’’
John B.
'' What I like about this formula is the freedom it gives me. I learn at my own pace and it's really perfect for me. As a bonus, Marine is super dynamic, which gives us capsules that we want to see and see again. Cheer! ''
Violaine D.
''I love the Online Rock Lessons! There is a lot of material, and of high quality. I started the Rockstar Journey and it's really a great challenge that allows me to go at my own pace. The mini courses are also excellent with really interesting exercises like harmonizing a melody. And in addition you can download all the material (pdf). I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to play the piano, improve their basics or diversify their musical style.''


Here's what you get with your membership

Get instant access to over 60 step-by-step lessons teaching you everything you need to have fun playing and grooving your favorite songs at the piano, even if you’ve never played before.

Our courses library is always expending with inspiring topics such as Rock & Blues Groove, Technique and Scales, Pentatonic Scales and more.  

Get unlimited access to famous songs video break downs with tempo variations, grooves and comping, solo transcriptions and music sheets.

The Rockstar Journey is the ONLY piano journey for rock lovers. Walk through the path of the greatest players of all time with over 45 step-by-step video courses including backing tracks of the songs, workbooks and detailed sheet music.

Get access to our monthly live events and Q&As, to learn directly from the pros. Ask questions and get new practice tips every week. 
You’ll never feel alone or stuck on your piano journey.

Online Rock Lessons is more than an online school, it’s also a great pianists community. Get access to a forum included with the membership to share your progress with other musicians. 

At the academy you get access to real life masters who have seen it all. Enjoy pro tips and masterclasses to transform your playing.

You’ll never feel alone. Between the community and the live events you will always have access to personal feedback and help to get you to your next level. 

Every masterclass comes with a workbook and all the sheet music you need to learn every detail of the course.
You’ll also get access to amazing backing tracks to help you practice. 

You can easily loop and slow down the tutorials, the songs and backing tracks to get better results in your practice.

And so much more ...


As a thank you for joining the Online Rock Lessons Academy, I want to offer you more than $600 in bonuses when you sign up now.

Free Bonus no1

Essential Guide to Hammond Organ Drawbars

The Essential Guide to Hammond Organ Drawbars is an invaluable resource for keyboard players looking to master the iconic Hammond organ sound.
This comprehensive guide provides 50 detailed settings for recreating classic tones as well as innovative new sounds.
This ebook includes easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions, making it simple for players to dial in their desired sound quickly.

Whether you’re playing rock, pop, gospel or blues, these drawbar settings will elevate your organ playing and inspire your musical creativity.

*Annual Membership Only*

Free Bonus no2

The Chords & Scales Ultimate Guide

The Chords & Scales Ultimate Guide will give you access to all the triad chords, the chord inversions, the 4-note chords, the major and minor scales in all key and more.

Think of this bonus as your musical friend, here to help you learn those chords and scales like a pro.
It’s like having a friendly coach to guide you through the world of music theory!

*Annual Membership Only*

Free Bonus no3

Syntronik J-60 Plugin - IK Multimedia

Syntronik’s J-60 brings users the authentic sound of the Roland Juno-60. Manufactured from 1982—1984, the Juno-60 was the lower-priced alternative to the very expensive Jupiter-8, but it found a place in music production all its own.

The Roland Juno-60 has been used by a plethora of famous bands, producers and artists such as Enya, The Cure, Sean Lennon, Astral Projection, Vince Clarke, Men at Work, Flock of Seagulls, Howard Jones, Eurythmics, Billy Idol, The Cure, INXS, Ultravox, Nik Kershaw and many others.

*Annual Membership Only*

Free Bonus no4

50 Rhythm Patterns Guide

The Rhythm Patterns Guide is an invaluable resource for any musician. This comprehensive guide includes 50 different pop, rock, and blues keyboard patterns that you can use in thousands of songs.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics or an experienced player aiming to expand your repertoire, this guide provides versatile patterns that can enhance your musical expression and performance skills.

*Annual Membership Only*

Free Bonus no5

Rock Your Technique Video Workshop

Rock Your Technique Workshop is perfect for anyone looking to get their keyboard technique to the next level. 
This workshop includes exercises to work on your hands independence, endurance, fingers independence, speed and hands movement. 
Sheet music and a video lesson are included. 

*Annual Membership Only*

This Offer Ends In:

Ready to start your piano journey?

Don’t put to tomorrow something that is important to you… start learning your dream songs now! 






Spring Promo Bonuses (Limited Time)




Frequently Asked Questions

The School

Online Rock Lessons is an online music school and community for piano, keyboards and Hammond organ players. We welcome students from all levels looking to transform their piano skills to the next level. 
You’ll find everything from music theory, fundamentals, technique, songs and transcriptions to styles like rock, metal, blues, pop and funk. 

When you sign up you get access to the full Piano Method course along with an unlimited access to the Online Rock Lessons piano academy, including the courses library, song tutorials, the community, access to the live stream events and so much more. Everything is part of the same membership.

I teach the most of the courses using a piano but everything I’m teaching applies to any keyboards. The concept behind how to play music, grooves and chords will be the same with a Rhodes sound or an organ sound. Whether you’re looking into playing piano or keys, this course should be the first step in your journey.

The Piano Method level 1 is for complete beginners. So you can start from zero and learn all the foundations and techniques you need to progress.
The course has 3 different levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. 

All the courses are pre-recorded and you can ask all the questions you need within the forum or on the lesson page. 

We are also hosting a monthly live stream Q&A that you can attend! It’s part of the membership. 

Unfortunately we do not offer any downloadable video lesson content.  We are a streaming only platform. We encourage you to take as many notes as you need to get the most out of our lessons. 
All the workbooks and the backing tracks are downloadable. 

It completely depends on you! Successful piano players are spending anywhere from 30 minutes a day to 2 hours. If you have a busy schedule no problem you can easily start with 10 minutes a day or practice between 3 to 5 times a week. But remember the more you practice the more progress you will see.

Your membership to the Online Rock Lessons academy are protected by my personal 30-day money back guarantee. That means you can try it for a month without spending any money. 

And if for some strange reason the lessons from the academy don’t make you a better piano player, just send one quick email to our friendly support team.
We’ll return every cent you paid no questions asked. 

The Online Rock Lessons Academy offers many music style such as pop, funk and blues music.
In addition, our teachers made sure that every rock inspired exercises can be adapt to other musical popular styles.

The Subscription

If you purchased the monthly plan you can change your subscription status at any time in your account page. Click on the account page and the subscription section. 
If you have any questions, please contact our support team at

Your satisfaction with the academy is our primary concern. All of our memberships are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and our 30-Day Price Pledge.
Refunds will be made to your credit card only. You will be refunded within a maximum of two weeks from your request, made within the 30-day money-back guarantee timeframe.

Please contact our support team at 
* NOTE: If you request a refund for a purchased bundle that includes physical items, the cost of the physical items will be deducted from your refund. These items are also eligible to ship back for a full refund as long as they are unopened and unused in sellable condition.

You can change from the monthly plan to the annual plan at any time. You can do so by contacting our support at 
Note that once the offer ends on March 31, 2023, the bonuses won’t be available anymore. So make sure you switch before the end of this promo! 

You can change your annual plan to the monthly plan if you’re within the first 30 days of your payment. 
Note that you will lose the 3 extras bonuses for the annual plan: the 20 min orientation, the 2 private lessons & the Technique Live Stream Access.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at

All the courses, the content, the workbooks, the livestreams and the website are available in both French and English.

Yes! If you cancelled your subscription before the end of the trial you won’t get charge the recurring amount. 

This Offer Ends In:

Alright, Now it's Time To Decide!

So ask yourself …. Where do you want to be a year from now?

Do you still want to feel overwhelmed and confused when playing the piano?

Do you still want to spend hours searching on the web to figure out what to practice?

Do you still want to be playing the same old songs you were playing a year ago? 

Or will you join the Online Rock Lessons Piano academy now and dramatically improve your piano skills?
Finally break free from those piano learning frustrations and start having fun learning new tricks and play the songs you love.

Try For 30 Days Risk Free

I want to take all the risk and offer you a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked! Just start learning and if for any reason you are not happy… just send me an email to within 30 days of the purchase and I’ll send you a full refund. 







Spring Promo Bonuses (Limited Time)




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